Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VoIP and the "NEW" magicJack+®

The new magicJacK+® has finally caught up with the Ooma System! The user no longer needs a computer to get VoIP 24 hr service; once the user activates the dongle on their computer {picks their user name, picks their password, and picks their telephone number} with the corporation then they can plug it into a 117V wall socket, run an Ethernet cable from the dongle to a router that is connected to DSL or Cable services, and then connect a telephone system to the phone jack on the dongle. 

All the user has to do is keep their router on 24/7, they can now turn their computer off whenever they want to do so. The user can buy a good router for $49.97:

The cost of the magicJack+® dongle and the 1st year of telephone service is only $69.95; then the standard rate of $19.95/per year for each year thereafter OR you can then buy five (5) years of service for $69.95 at a time (that is cheaper that one (1) month of service on Verion, AT&T, Cavalier, or any other land line company.

So for an initial output of around $120.00 the user is up and running! 

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