Monday, October 17, 2011

Video & VoIP Services

Remember when in the late 1960s and during the 1970s that American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T) were the only 'game' in town and that they were going to bring the consumer 'Video Telephones' were the consumers could see to whom they were communicating as well as converse with them?

 AT&T presented the consumer with various video telephone models that cost many hundreds of dollars and they charged the consumers a great deal on money for the consumer to have the system installed and to then have the service in their residence or place of business.

 Well look at things now! AT&T is not the only 'game' in town and having a video telephone service is both very inexpensive for both the equipment needed {web cameras with built in microphones can be bought for as little as $25.00} and the costs to have that very same service at the residence or place of business is non-existent {“if it is free, then it is for me”}.

 The advent of 'Voice over Internet Protocol' has made that wondrous service of the all those years ago a common place service of 'modern' times.

There are two such services available to the consumer; both of which can be classified as 'FREE':

1.) Google -
2.) Skype -

Of these two services right now I personally prefer the Google service because they seem to have better 'technical assistance' than does the Skype service.

However, now that Skype has officially has become a separate division under the umbrella of Microsoft Corporation only time will tell if their 'technical assistance' will improve!

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