Sunday, January 11, 2015

Alternative "Luci Lantern" Prototype Example

First I had ordered some of the items from the above site as "toys" for my grand daughters; then I happened to run across the Luci Lantern video on YouTube.

I had ordered one of the items listed below to add to my household's emergency kit for the few instances that due to storms, falling trees, exploding transformers, and etc. that the electricity powering our lighting fails to function properly.

I tried a little experiment and came up with an idea for a prototype example of a similar lantern that has a slightly different operating principle than the Luci Lantern.
I had an extra 'flashlight', so I took it and an old medium sized plastic mayonnaise jar that was in the recycling bucket and went to work.
I cut an opening in the middle of the plastic top just large enough to insert just the lens section of the 'flashlight'; then using superglue I permanently mounted the 'flashlight' to the lid, I also sealed the joints around the flashlight with hot glue on the inside and outside of the lid.
I then took some aluminum foil and hot glued it to the inside of the lid where there was no 'flashlight' protruding through the inside of the lid AND on the entire bottom of the plastic jar.
I screwed the lid on the jar, squeezed the handle to charge the unit for about two minutes, turned off the kitchen light, and I had a prototype example lantern; which only cost me all of $2.63 and an old plastic mayonnaise jar the was about to be recycled. It comes with a strap so you can hang it up anywhere!
The Luci Lantern works on the principle of light energy charging the 'lithium battery', while the prototype example that I constructed works on the principle of a small dynamo charging a 'super capacitor'.
I never did test how long the "charge" would last because it is a moot point since whenever it dims you can just recharge it again in less than two (2) minutes.
If the Luci Lantern could be fitted with a 'super capacitor' instead of a lithium battery and a flat circular dynamo device instead of having light energy collectors, then it could be an all-weather source of light for those in need of a light source where and when the grid is not available. It may wind up being a little larger in its collapsed form! 
Items needed for the project - $2.63 Dynamo Flashlight, an old recycled plastic jar, Aluminum Foil, small amount of Superglue, small amount of hot glue!

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