Friday, November 23, 2012

Necessary FREEWARE Update

Here is a quick list of FREEWARE if used by the “new” computer owner can save a great deal of money that can be put towards other things, like more RAM memory, a blu-ray DVD reader/writer, a Web Camera, and/or a higher resolution monitor, instead of software for the new computer. If fact the amount of money saved could be worth hundreds of dollars to the “new” computer owner!

Software Type → Commercial Name ↔ Freeware Name (Download Location)

Virus Suite → Norton ↔ MSE  ( )

Optical Disks → Nero ↔ CDBurnerXP  (

Office Suite* → Microsoft Office ↔ LibreOffice (

Optical Character Recognition ↔ ABBYY FineReader ↔ FreeOCR↔ (

Image Manipulation → Adobe Photoshop ↔ GIMP (

Sound Editing → WavePad Masters ↔ Audacity (

File Compression → WinZip ↔ Ken Ward's Zipper (

Registry Cleaner → RegCure ↔ Eusing Free Registry Cleaner (

Web Cam → YouCam  Debut Video Capture Software 

*Here are four online sites that have excellent tutorials for the basic parts of OpenOffice or LibreOffice!

1. Writer:
2. Calc:
3. Impress:
4. Base:


Web Cam → YouCam  Debut Video Capture Software 

After 30 days this software restricts the format that the video can be saved trying to force the user to "buy" an expensive commercial item. Thus the user then needs access to a FREE program to convert the video to their desired choice of format. 

Video Converter Any Video Converter Ultimate Any Video Converter (http;//                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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